SWM Planning: About Us

Ebe Osaigbovo, CPA founded SWM Planning, LLC in 2017 after nearly 10 years of experience. He truly cares about helping his clients achieve their financial goals and is highly qualified. He is a graduate of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign with a dual bachelor's degree in Accountancy and Finance. He has experience as a registered financial adviser (beginning of his career). He also has experience as a corporate accountant in various industries. He passed the CPA exam (Certified Public Accountant) with excellent results and is an expert in understanding tax. He genuinely cares about helping his clients experience the joy of succeeding in their goals and having more options in life!


SWM Planning, LLC. helps individuals and businesses accomplish 3 main goals:


1. Income Tax Preparation and Filing

Accurate, Legal, and Strategic to best benefit our clients.

2. Financial Coaching for Success!

We work with you to create a plan to achieve your financial goals. Then we guide you and coach you to success. 
Chief Financial Officer

3. Small Business CPA Services (Do you have a CFO?)

SWM Planning LLC will provide you with top CPA service. You will receive:

  1. Value-added Bookkeeping
  2. Chief Financial Officer level business advice
  3. Business credit building advice
  4. Business tax advice
  5. Financial analysis
  6. A complete set of financial statements

Get a customized plan that is the best deal for your financial reporting needs! If you are ready to partner with a top CPA and build your business to your goal – then contact us today for more information and a quote.


Empathy – Putting ourselves in our client’s shoes and doing what is in their best interest, always!

Integrity – Always doing the right thing. Being honest and matching words with actions. Delivering as promised.

Accuracy – Being as close to error-free as humanly possible. We have second reviews and other controls to help with this.

Research and Development – We will never be complacent with our level of expertise and service. We will consistently be abreast of the best information we can access to improve our services and best serve clients.

Adaptation – We will not be scared to make the changes necessary to optimize the long-term viability of our mission.

Excellence – We strive to do our best and deliver top-quality service to clients, always.

Ethics – Doing the right thing, legally and morally. We will never cheat our clients. And we fully respect the rule of law.

Professionalism – Adhering to and displaying a high level of professionalism. Always respecting client privacy. Maintaining expeditious and honest communication with clients and other people. Always striving to deliver high-quality service.

Mission Statement

To help clients optimize financial decisions and decisions regarding the use of other resources – to achieve their financial goals and have more options in life

CPA CONSULTING Starting at $300/hr

Get Professional CPA help with:

-Business Credit Building – Get your business credit developed so that you can expand and prosper more

-Financial Decisions – Children’s education, Savings, Debt Management, Investment principles, Retirement accounts

-Tax Planning – saving you thousands, tens of thousands, or more in tax expenses, legally (1% fee up to cap)

-Small Business CFO Service (as needed, affordable, also called fractional CFO Service)

-Bookkeeping and Small Business Accounting

-Financial Statement Preparation (Compilations)

-Bank, IRS, State Revenue Dept. forms to apply for various goals

-Business Consulting to improve your organization’s financial success


  • Additional cash flow strategy (Entrepreneurship, Real Estate Ownership)
  • Budget
  • Children’s education funding plan
  • Credit improvement and optimization strategy
  • Debt elimination strategy
  • Education on investments (General, We don’t pick your specific investments, Pros and Cons explained)
  • Employer benefits review
  • Financial goals development (Prioritize accumulation or pay down debt?)
  • Giving strategy (How much can you afford for charity? Presents?)
  • Insurance advice: Homeowners, Auto, Life, Disability, Umbrella (Necessary?)
  • Investment strategy (What should be your investing philosophy?)
  • Personal finance education (Contact retained CPA for advice on large transactions)
  • Retirement advice
  • Savings strategy
  • Spending strategy
  • Student loan repayment strategy
  • Virtual meetings
  • Wealth accumulation advice

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